Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Business cards help collect all important information related to a business at a single, convenient location.

Business cards are necessary for any organization or individual to share contact information and other details with clients, co-workers, potential customers, etc. It is an easy and effective way of getting in touch with others. In the digital era, conventional paper business cards have been replaced by their digital counterparts. These digital cards can be shared with anyone and leave a lasting good first impression. In addition, the cards can help you build quality connections with people and target leads that turn into clients.

Outdo System is a Digital Business Card Service in Bathinda that helps you reach a wide audience easily. A cost-effective solution that saves both time and money, our digital cards have proven to be helpful for several businesses by boosting conversion rates and making strong connections for the future.

Share these functional business cards conveniently with anyone using Whatsapp, email, or other digital platforms. You wouldn’t need to worry about getting business cards printed frequently once you get a card fit for lifetime usage.

Actionable Business Cards

Unlike traditional business cards that found their way into the bin, digital cards are much more likely to generate positive results for your business.

This is because the actionable links on a digital business card make a business more accessible to the customer. Getting in touch with the service and conducting business with them becomes easy. This is why most businesses now have a digital business cards to share with their customers and potential leads.

You can include as many details as you require on the digital business card. This is a method of Digital market promotion that will generate guaranteed leads for your business. In addition, you can customize the theme of the business card to suit your business style and tone. Digital business cards are cost-effective and will never require re-printing.

Features included in the Digital Business Card

You get the choice of including whatever information you wish in the digital business card. There is no restriction on the amount of space available, contrary to paper cards. The direct links to your email, Whatsapp and other social media platforms also save time and effort on the user’s end, which means they can contact you with just the click of a button. The information that is generally included in a digital business card includes:




Google Map




Basic info


Social Media Links


Direct Email




Direct Whatsapp

Reduced Environmental Footprint

As the world is moving towards sustainable living, your business needs to do its part.

For example, by switching to digital business cards, you can reduce the waste generated in manufacturing and distributing paper cards. In addition, reducing paper consumption will reduce your environmental footprint and help save a few trees. Another significant advantage of having digital cards is that you will never run out of them. This saves the paper, time, and effort that goes into re-printing business cards.

You can conserve money and time by switching to digital cards. It is also an extremely quick and convenient way of reaching the audience. Outdo System is the most reliable Digital Business Card Provider in Bathinda, with experience in creating high-quality business cards for clients across various industries. Along with creating special business cards that catch users' attention, we also add the leads' information to a centralized database, making it easier for you to track them.


Choose Our Digital Business Card Pricing Plan

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  • 1 Card
  • Fix Theme
  • Add Logo/picture
  • Click To Call
  • Click To Whatsapp
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Life Time Use


  • 1 Card
  • Fix Theme
  • Add Logo/picture
  • Click To Call
  • Click To Whatsapp
  • Website Link
  • Google Map
  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  • Existing Client Update - Content
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Life Time Use


  • 1 Card
  • Cistom Theme
  • Add Logo/picture
  • Click To Call
  • Click To Whatsapp
  • Website Link
  • Google Map
  • 5 Social Media Accounts
  • Payment Link
  • Service Link
  • Google Enquiry Form Link
  • Existing Client Update - Content
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Life Time Use

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