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Video Animation

In this digital age, countless mediums exist to connect and communicate with others.

How impactful the channel is would determine the kind of results that the interaction would yield. One medium of relaying ideas and messages deemed extremely captivating is Video Animations. Such animation videos can accomplish various organisational functions- from creating brand awareness to increasing sales of products and services. Video content is consumed far more than written or audio content. This is because it has an entertainment factor, which keeps the audience hooked. This is why videos are considered an extremely effective opportunity for marketing products and services.

Outdo System is a Video Animation Service in Bathinda with a team of well-experienced illustrators and animators. We can help you relay your message creatively with the help of unique video animations. Keeping the audience entertained is important for a business to ensure more engagement and an increase in sales. People are interested in what you have to offer when you can hold their attention and entertain them as well. Video animations can make this possible.

Our Process of Video Animation

Animated videos are preferred over live videos because they lower production costs and attract a wider audience.

With the help of a professional Video Animator service such as ours, you can appeal to the audience without making any major investments. We do not use pre-set templates but create every animation from scratch because we believe every business has something different to offer to the users.

  • The conception of the video
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Sound and animation design
  • Publishing on various platforms

Types of Video Animations

  • 2D Animation: Animating 2D vector graphics is an effective way of catching users' attention.
  • 3D Animation: You can also use 3D animations to grasp your audience's attention.
  • Flash Animation: Flash Videos can easily catch the users' attention. We can help you convey your message innovatively with special effects and Flash animations.
  • Whiteboard Animation: Training courses using whiteboard animations have become extremely popular due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Explainer Video: This type of animation is mostly used to graphically convey a brand's story or vision.
  • Digital Invitation Video: One of the most common places where animations are now being used is invitations. An Invitation video can be used for a variety of events and can be shared with a large number of people with just a click.
  • Animated Brand Logo: Many brands are now moving towards animated logos that are more visually appealing and catch the audience's attention.


Services We Offer

The services that are included in the video animation packages that we offer include

  • Script
  • Voice-over translation
  • Graphics
  • Visual Revisions

Our designers work hard to ensure that you get your video within a short period. We provide high-definition videos at reasonable prices. These videos can be published on any social media platform. Including YouTube, Facebook etc. and reach your target audience instantly.

Outdo System is the most affordable and reliable Video Animator in Bathinda, with a wide range of services. The video animations we create can help keep your audience engaged, consequently leading to an increase in your sales. We ensure that the content used in the videos is unique and visually appealing. You can not take your services to a large number of people with the help of our interactive and high-quality video animations designed especially for you.


Choose Our Video Animation Pricing Plan

Start Here With Our Company

30 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 30 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions

60 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 60 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions
  • High-Definition 1080p Video

90 Second Explainer

  • High-Converting Script
  • Professional Studio Voice Over
  • 90 Second Motion Graphic Animation
  • 2 Week Delivery
  • 2 Free Rounds Of Visual Revisions
  • High-Definition 1080p Video

Delux Explainer

  • Upto 5-6 Minutes Explainer
  • High-Converting Script
  • Studio-Quality Audio: Voice Over| Background Music | Sound Effects
  • HD Motion Graphic Animation: Full Color Illustrations | 100% Custom
  • Extra Benefits: Storyboard Design | Unlimited Revisions | Project Manager
  • Boost Your Sales, Sign-ups, ROI, & Brand Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

At this point, we handle only 2D animation and have limited experience in creating 3D video animation. There are multiple types of videos that we can take: Character Animation | Motion Graphics Video (Infographics style) | Kinetics Typography | Stop Motion Animation | Whiteboard Animation | Screencast Video | Learning & Development Videos | Footage Montage Videos

It usually depends on your intended use of the video. For example, we recommend that videos created for marketing communication and product explainer videos should be restricted to less than 120 seconds. However, if you want to use a video for training purposes, the duration can be as long as your content.

Video is usually recorded using a camera; animation is designed and built using software; we use an array of Adobe products for this animation process. Animation also allows you a lot more flexibility than video. If you want to create an animation about talking bears, it’s far easier to create talking bears using animation than to track down talking bears to film using traditional video. In other words, animation allows you more creativity

Most of our videos are less than 2 minutes long. The biggest reason is the longer your video gets, the less engaged your audience is.

We require a 50 per cent deposit for your project to get started, and the remaining 50 per cent is due upon project completion.