Industrial Training

Industrial Training in Bathinda

Industrial Training

Outdo system is the leading provider of industrial training in web technologies in the Bathinda region.

The company provides six months/ 6 weeks of Industrial Training to B.Tech, B.C.A, MCA, and MSc (IT) Students. In addition, training is also provided to other individuals who are willing to learn with dedication. The faculty involved in providing training is experienced and has amazing teaching skills.

Learners in Outdo System classrooms are made aware of core concepts of technology as per industry standards. Our main motive is to make students ready for the IT industry. They are given classroom training with detailed information on each topic and regular revisions via tests. After that, students get hands-on experience on projects. We will also recruit outstanding performers.

Reasons to join Outdo System for your 6 weeks or 6 months industrial training

  • No theory, only 100% practical knowledge.
  • You will learn more quickly and clearly in classes that use screens rather than a whiteboard or markers.
  • There are special classes for individuals who don't think programming is their cup of tea.
  • One-on-one sessions and custom classes for each student.
  • Conduct at least two interviews with trustworthy top companies.
  • The student can stay longer to work on their project.
  • Lifetime assistance with your project.
  • Free 3-day demo class.
  • After completion of the training, one widely recognised ISO certificate will be given.

The Best Industrial Training Center in Bathinda is Outdo System, But why is that?

We don’t provide readymade projects to students.

We emphasize that learners should develop their ideas for creating a project and get hands-on experience developing websites in PHP. Mentors are always there to guide you throughout the process. Students need to get involved in the making process to understand computer language better. Teachers have a discussion with their students about choosing the type of project.

Scope of Industrial Training Program after 6 months

The Industrial Training Program developed by Outdo System is developed to give the candidate a deep understanding of the most cutting-edge technologies now being used in the corporate world, enabling them to scale greater heights in the IT sector. After completing training and gaining the necessary abilities, the candidate might work as a web developer, designer, or digital marketer with any IT company in India. Additionally, the candidate has the option to launch his own freelance business and serve clients from throughout the world.

Let's Started Your 6 Months Industrial Training

We will support you in establishing your project and expanding your business.