Web Designing Course

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Web Designing Course

Outdo system is the leading provider of industrial training in web technologies in the Bathinda region. The company provides six months/ 6 weeks of Industrial Training to B.Tech, B.C.A, MCA and Msc (IT) Students. In addition, training is also offered to other individuals who are willing to learn with dedication. The faculty involved in providing training is experienced and has excellent teaching skills. Learners in Outdo System classrooms are made aware of core concepts of technology as per industry standards. Our main motive is to make students ready for the IT industry. They are given classroom training with detailed information on each topic and regular revisions via tests. After that, students get a hand on experience on projects. We will also recruit outstanding performers.

Web Designing Course will cover following topics

  • HTML: Html stands for hypertext markup language and is used for creating web pages. It contains markup tags describing, classifying, and structuring elements in an email/webpage. Browsers will read the coding and will render what we see. It is effortless to learn and implement.
  • CSS: CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. It was first invented in 1996. It is a standard feature of all major web browsers. It is responsible for the appearance of HTML pages on the internet. It has different attributes and unique tags to provide styles to HTML content.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap is a front-end framework used to design responsive websites. Here responsive means these websites can be viewed on all types of devices such as laptops, mobile and large computers. Responsive web content has good presentation and views everywhere. For this purpose, bootstrap uses 12 column grid layout. In addition, it has pre-defined CSS styles and classes which can be directly implemented.
  • Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is an application developed by adobe concern. Its primary usage is the Editing of Pictures or Photographs. Users can create various designs in this tool for their websites according to client requirements. It is also an essential part of website designing and helps develop innovative and unusual photos for the fantastic look of web pages.

Why Outdo System is the most effective web design training center in Bathinda?

Professional Web Designers' Education

You will receive thorough instruction and practise sessions in this course from a skilled and accomplished website developer with more than ten years of experience in the industry.

The Most Comprehensive Syllabus

We provide the most extensive training, covering each element of web designing in great detail. You gain knowledge of creating both static and dynamic websites.

Professional Classroom Presentations

Our classrooms are fully digital, distraction-free, and allow 100%  communication with the trainer to give you the greatest learning experience possible.

Live Projects Based Training

Web design is a profession that takes a lot of practise to master. You will work on a live projects for that (both dynamic and static websites).

Job Support

We established your interviews with prominent organisations and prepare you for the web design interview so that you can begin your career right after the course.

Certification For Website Designing

You receive a professional certificate after your training is complete, which you can utilize to effortlessly explore promising work opportunities and add to your resume.